The Defenses A Criminal Defense Lawyer Will Use To Defend Clients In A Criminal Charge

A criminal defense lawyer is a professional in law who will defend his or her client in a court of law who has been charged with a criminal offense which often ranges from a misdemeanor to a felony. The criminal charges will attract varied penalties on the clients if they happen to be found guilty. The penalties vary in extents and some of the common ones are such as community service, payment of fines, serve years in prison or even in the extreme cases the death penalty. When facing such charges and as such threats to your enjoyment of freedoms, you need to get a criminal defense lawyer such as fromĀ to help you reduce the penalties or at best get you acquitted of the charges facing you. For this purpose, the criminal defense lawyers will use several defenses and we will look at some of them below.

The first defense that most criminal defense lawyers will use is the affirmative criminal defense. This is where they try to minimize the evidence adduced by the prosecution by showing that it is not true. In such the lawyer and his client will produce evidence to the contrary proving the defense team's argument that the evidence provided by the prosecution is false and the evidence so produced by the defense attorney will in effect support their argument. This is where you will find the defense using the alibi witnesses. A alibi witness is someone who testifies that the defendant could not have committed the felony or crime that they stand charged for.

The other defense that a criminal defense lawyer can use to argue a criminal case facing a client is the insanity defense. In this case the lawyer will argue that the crime was committed by their client but they did not know that their action was felonious at the time of committing the crime. This basically is an admission of responsibility but a denial of guilt as the court will have to be satisfied with the argument of insanity for the client to be acquitted of any wrong doing. It thus stands a very risky defense and not so popular. To use this defense successfully, the defense lawyer fromĀ will have to prove that there was an insanity or mental illness that their client was suffering from at the time of commission of the offense or crime.